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We link our consulting to projects we conduct internally to give customers a solution that works. Really.

Over the years we have found ourselves facing dozens of cases in which our clients have failed to achieve their goals.  This is typically the result of an overly rigid software platform, constraints that are purely technological, limitations due to non-collaborative internal IT, or an unskilled system integrator.

Whatever the cause, within a company, this imbalance can result in the absence of objectives, the loss of opportunities and time, and ultimately, higher costs due to insufficient results. The worst cases we have seen are those involving eCommerce, where these issues can generate substantial decreases in profits.

Sometimes a tracking code cannot be integrated (at least for some time), usually due to a/b testing that cannot be carried out, or a landing page that cannot be easily created or modified.

This is why we decided years ago to make our internal web development team available to external sources. Remember, half of Webranking’s soul is associated with technology. Today online marketing requires strong technical skills, and this can be demonstrated in numerous fields.

Over the years, we have been producing structured eCommerce platforms and multi-country corporate sites.

One of our projects, which included both the site and the promotion strategy through social networks and media, won an important award for the Storytelling Brand in 2015: we’re talking about the Smeg 50’s Style project (which we have conducted a case study) dedicated to the 1950’s Smeg domestic appliances line.

Our projects have some distinctive features that make them unique, and they solve all the problems we have highlighted above:

  • we design websites that are 100% compatible with the search engines, or SEO friendly, ready from the outset to use any tag manager or Web Analytics platform;
  • we build solutions that can easily interact with corporate information systems, as we are experts in database integration;
  • our online shops automatically generate product feeds for Google Shopping and other online promotion and distribution channels, thus facilitating the planning of advertising in accordance with the availability of products, such as DoubleClick Search or DBM;
  • build integrated projects between technology and consulting, we think about IT issues in terms of sales, promotion and content presentation, not as a free-standing factor.

We have solutions developed in-house to create corporate and eCommerce websites both on third-party vendor platforms and on our proprietary Greenbox and Greenbox Shop platforms, which were designed to be powerful weapons in the hands of marketers and store managers.

Greenbox and Greenbox Shop are designed to provide maximum efficiency and quality for marketing and communication activities, with no technological constraints, no limitations and without the lethargy of IT dependence.

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