Thanks to data-driven dynamic planning, we can intercept and precede any potential customer better than others, and we accompany them throughout their Customer Journey.

Digital advertising is undergoing profound changes: it evolves not only along with the means, but also with the users and their habits. A strategy based only on the channels and the means is no longer enough: it requires planning centered in regard to the user and their habits.

We are accustomed to planning strategies that use all of the digital levels, focusing on extreme customization that can be achieved nowadays. We do so in order to achieve the business goals of each of our clients, adapting to completely different needs and backgrounds.

Our principle is simple but precise: to track the user at every stage of the conversion funnel. There is no longer a socio-demographic target segment to rely on. Each person deserves attention. Indeed, they deserve a lot of attention, so that they respond no matter what! Whether they are familiar with the brand or not, their decision to evaluate, try or buy a product or service, is very important to us.

We are an independent trading desk

We have partnered with the most relevant advertising agencies, from the fully-digital ones (the so called “pure players”), to the digital divisions of major cross-media publishers. We use the strongest DSP [Demand side platform] comprehensively, with no exclusiveness and no preferences. This has led us to choose the path of an independent trading desk because it was the most flexible option , and therefore the best way, to adapt to the needs of our customers regarding their goals.

Our digital planning is always data-driven

Our decades of experience in Analytics along with our leadership in Search have allowed us embrace programmatic planning – which is data-driven – in a natural way. We are in the forefront of this sector when it comes to the “evangelization” of the new landscape, in which everything, even the display, has a place in the conversion funnel (also physical retail). Therefore we always have measurement in mind, but are always planning to scale with the budget.

Ethics, fairness and transparency

We have truly unique experience and expertise in the European and Global markets.
All of this is complemented by a level of transparency that is not found in other media agencies: we appreciate proper reporting, but we go even further, also ensuring transparency in strategy sharing and industrial relations. 


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