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Paid Search is the delicate soul of digital strategy: it is through search engines that users decide what to buy and where to buy it.
Though seemingly simple to manage, digital strategies require experience and skills to make an impact, especially when budgets are on the rise.

Paid Search is identified in many ways: from those who call it “SEM” as opposed to “SEO” (actually an incorrect definition); to the most interesting, Keyword Advertising, which is advertising based on words; to those who are completely wrong using the “SEA” acronym for Search Engine Advertising.

Reliable and Solid 

We are actually the largest independent Italian agency, in terms of team size and the administration budget. In addition – and this is what really makes a difference – we are the most certified agency by Google.

We are also solid because we have been chosen over the years not only by many major Italian companies, but many internationally recognized companies to manage their complex campaigns.

We are the best choice for campaigns where management makes a difference; where we can boost performance and generate substantial improvements.  We are happy to work on many types of projects, although we typically see the most improvement with our customers that have flexible budgets. If you are interested in working with us, we can easily provide you with an audit of current management status.

Truly International

Our experience with search engines can be of great help when planning campaigns worldwide. Here are some reasons why:

  • at Green W we speak eleven languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese and Azeri . As a truly international group, we are a cornucopia of languages, as well as cultures;
  • we are also the only Italian agency certified to operate on Yandex for the Russian market, AND on certified to operate with Yahoo Bing Advertising. We also plan on Baidu in China. We are very flexible to our customers’ needs and are open-and-ready for the engines of reference for our customers;
  • since it’s inception in 2003, we have planned on Adwords worldwide, from Australia to Canada, for some of the most important Made in Italy brands.


We have successfully handled Search Engine Marketing (SEM) since the arrival of AdWords in 2003. Over the years we have performed many successful case studies and have solid relationships with different players in the market. We have gathered a vast amount of experience in competitive scenarios for optimizing different types of campaigns: some already up’n’running, and others startups. Either way, we always build our customers’ campaigns  from scratch.

Our certified specialists, who take care of search planning, display and video, always work in constant synergy with our SEO and Web analysts, to make sure that your budget is always mapped meticulously, without any leakage.

Management is Our Strength

We invest substantial resources in the management and optimization of live campaigns, whereas many agencies only focus on the setup. We focus on your long-term process and continue to measure performance and improvement by analyzing data from the audience.
The performance of these campaigns teaches us a lot about consumer behavior and we can also provide insight into how to improve every aspect of your online advertising, or, when possible, improvement of the product itself.


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