The user is the protagonist and the site is the stage. We explain how the synergy between these two factors is imperative.

The User is the Center

Sometimes websites are created without focusing on the addressee, i.e. the person who will visit and use it. The focus is almost exclusively on how the brand wants to structure the site, without thinking about what the readers or buyers would like to see on the site.

Shaping the structure of a site is a challenge: it is absolutely necessary to understand the people using the site, their attitudes and their needs. Navigation should be pleasant, searching for information should be straightforward, and finally, the purchase process should be seamless.

The layout is designed and built based on synergy between the user’s behavior, ease of use, and immediacy. An easy-to-navigate site has a higher conversion rate and generates new customers and good reviews. Static structures and contents no longer exist: sites evolve, and they can be analyzed to understand how they relate to the user.

At Webranking, we care about each visitor to each of our clients’ sites. We can help you turn your site’s weaknesses into strengths, thanks to these core competencies:

  • Web Design: the development of a website or an effective online shop;
  • Usability: the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which users achieve different goals in certain contexts;
  • User Experience: what users experience when using a product, a service, a system… and even a website.


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